***** SWEET 1 *****


The SWEET1 Q40 delivers an extremely competitive and fast Q40 racer.

                         ***** CHOOSE YOUR PRICE LEVEL *****

The SWEET 1 gives you several levels of completion options from the basic kit to a complete ready to fly plane letting you decide what you want to complete.

Average kit shipping for domestic delivery is $50.00

LEVEL 1 pricing is $650 USD

  • The plane is painted in the mold using your choice of white primer or a base color of white, orange, red, or yellow. You can then complete your SWEET1 using your choice of color schemes,  trimmed using vinyl, or just some numbers saving you time and cleanup!. Included in the basic kit are wing screws, the tail cross-over control horn with screws, tail carbon fiber rods, aileron clevises, landing gear, landing gear bolts, firewall plywood with template drawn on it, and wood to cut out out for the servo tray.

LEVEL 2 pricing is $700 USD

  • Includes all the LEVEL 1 items, and an accurately aligned firewall, including steel 6-32 blind nuts and the aluminum fuel shut-off cup . It does not include the motor mount, but they can be ordered and will be installed with carbon fiber front tie downs to the fuse (see motor mount pricing below).

LEVEL 3 pricing is $750 USD

  • Iucludes all of the LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2 items and also includes the wing drilled and tapped using a precision drill fixture. This is not only convenient but if a new wing is needed in the future, the holes will align to your fuse.


Standard JETT motor mount $30.00

JETT Q40 motor mount with remote needle assembly  $65.00

JETT CG tank $20.00

Drill and mount the wing only $55.00

Complete ready to fly. Call for pricing